Dreamer’s World May 6, 2019 – Another Monday

I am less and less involved with social media these days. I know that part of this is due to the privacy concerns that are making the headlines every day, but part of it is the fact that I have just grown tired of the social media frenzy. Because I was never a Facebook junkie, I didn’t experience any noticeable withdrawal symptoms. The same is true of Twitter, although i did use Twitter more often than Facebook. Google+ was my favorite social media platform, and nothing has come close to replacing it for me. Hence, I just drifted away from things gradually.

Now I start my weeks without the overhanging presence of responding to what everyone else is busy talking about through their own social media accounts. The fact that my absence was never noted by the people I used to interact with came as no surprise. The interactions that define us as human are sorely lacking in this day and age. It certainly seems like too many people would rather interact in the digital realm than meet in person.

While I suppose that this layer of insulation offers protection, it certainly takes away any chance at the rewards that only human interaction can bring to our lives. Words on a screen can never replace words that are spoken and heard directly. Webcams can never replace the actual sight of another face when talking. I am not claiming that people are radically less social than they were before, but the digital age makes it so much easier to isolate oneself while pretending to be more involved than ever before.

Don’t get me wrong. I treasure my privacy and solitude. The difference is that I prefer solitude over fake interaction. While I treasure real togetherness with friends, the virtual version will never replace the real thing.

Welcome to Monday

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