Dreamer’s World May 2, 2019 – Old Reliable

I cannot remember exactly when I first acquired my old reliable traveling companion. I believe that it was when I was on shore leave in Rhodes, Greece many years ago. I was off the ship and exploring the town and surrounding area and I realized that I needed something to carry basic necessities in to make things easier on myself.

It must have been at one of the small shops that I found my old reliable traveling companion, a heavy cotton backpack with no rigid support structure whatsoever. It was exactly what I needed to carry things and it was lightweight and washable.

I was going out the other day to get car repairs done and I wanted to take a few items with me. I looked through the closet, and there was old reliable just begging to be taken out and used once again. I didn’t hesitate at all before grabbing it and putting my Kindle and my diabetic supplies in it before rushing out the door.

While I was not on anything as adventurous as my shore leave days, I felt a sense of memory and nostalgia as I walked out the door. I felt like I should take some time this summer and explore around DC with my old reliable traveling companion.

I have other backpacks accumulated through the years, but none of those has the character and comfort that this one has. While it isn’t the largest backpack, the small size makes me more conscious about what I choose to carry with me on my adventures.

Taking Old Reliable with me makes me feel young again, and what is wrong with that?

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