Dreamer’s World April 17, 2019 – Insular

There are days when I just want to shut myself off from the rest of the world. Despite my best efforts, things remain fucked up and my temporary absence will not make them any better, nor will it accelerate the rate at which things continue to fuck up. In all honesty, it seems like nothing we do makes any difference at all.

I usually stop myself from screaming at this point to recognize that nothing changes immediately. The important changes we seek are the result of hours and weeks and days, and months and years and decades and centuries, and millennia of hard work. We inherit the desire to improve things from our parents and we struggle to make things better and pass that on to the next generation.

We see things so clearly. We know what is wrong and what must be done to correct the injustices and imperfections, yet we find that soo many people are too heavily invested in the status quo that they refuse to help. It is frustrating to see the apathy all around us.

The system we live in is resistant to change. The ancient Greeks believed that chaos was the inevitable outcome of order without tremendous energy being applied to preserve the order. Looking around this world today, I see that the ancient Greeks were right. The system prevails against justice by the application of force to keep it stable and relevant.

The idea of very gradual change I mentioned earlier is itself corrosive to real change. Grand ideas are eroded down to catchphrases by the time they come close to reality. Money has its influence over everything we do, and that precludes change unless Memnon decrees that the change is necessary, and even then that change is only necessary to preserve the status quo.

Until that time when change is finally allowed, it is criticized, ridiculed, ostracized and persecuted. Wars are fought, people are incarcerated or left hungry and sick in the midst of bountiful wealth rather than changing things. We end up with a Nazi in the White House because enough people are convinced that they must fear any change or anyone who does not look like them or believe the same things.

Times like this are why I take breaks from the real world from time to time. I need to maintain my own sanity and my own beliefs. I need the strength to face the world before it wears me down. I will not be silenced for long, I always bounce back with renewed dedication to the ideas I believe in.

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