Dreamer’s World April 09, 2019 – Looking Forward To A Change

I am completely exhausted today. Mondays are the worst, not only for the usual reasons but because I have to take Hal to and from work on Monday evenings. I always end up sleepwalking through Tuesday as a result of being out late.

Hal told me that as part of his retirement, he will stop working on Monday nights in a month. I was overjoyed to get this news from him. In 4 weeks I will no longer have to work the full day Monday and then take care of getting Hal to and from work as well. In between yawns right now, I am very happy.

Hal will start working alternate weekends after that. We will finally have more time together after years of the same old routine. I am looking forward to the time together, we really need it. Our relationship is strong, but things do get into a rut after a while, so the upcoming changes are very welcome. If I weren’t so tired, I would jump for joy!