Dreamer’s World April 04, 2019 – Refocusing

Friday Eve is here at last! I need a day without the adventures and expense of Stevie Nicks at the vet yesterday. I didn’t plan on dipping into my savings so heavily, but she had to be taken care of. I need a more normal day to get back into balance here.

   The only item on the agenda is to go to the grocery store after work and get the things I need to make another Instant Pot meal that will last for the better part of a week. Spending the money for that food is cheaper than ordering out or eating out so often. After the expense from yesterday, I need to save every penny I can for quite a long time to recover.

Hal (person) and I talked about how we can save some money to recover from the expense for Stevie Nicks, and we will make the necessary sacrifices. It shouldn’t be too much of a struggle since we mainly stay at home.

   I know that tomorrow will be a good day because it will be a Friday. I will travel to meet with the client in the morning, and then in the afternoon, I will be attending a Happy Hour with the only other local employee so we can catch up on things and relax for a change. I am sure that we will find the time to discuss March Madness and sports in general. The restaurant is a local Mexican place with outstanding food and cold beer, so it should be a great time.

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