Dreamer’s World April 03, 2019 – Unexpected

This morning has started out with an unexpected surprise. We took Stevie Nicks to the vet this morning because she was acting strangely. The vet called and said that her teeth are in terrible shape and that major surgery is needed to remove some exposed nerve endings in her mouth. This is not the unexpected part, the cost is very steep, and that is the unpleasant surprise that I am talking about.It will take some significant adjustments, but we will get Stevie Nicks’ health taken care of because that is the most important thing for us. Our budget will endure a considerable hit from today, but we will recover. We will spend more wisely until we recover from today’s adventure.The rest of the morning was spent waiting for the vet to call and let us know that Stevie Nicks was out of surgery and ready to come home. I have already moved the cash around to pay the bill when we pick her up. The last thing I want to do is put a significant amount on a credit card right now.The most important thing will be to get Stevie Nicks back home and let her know how loved she is without betraying any of the difficulties we encountered in paying the bill. That is not her fault, and we would pay even more to keep her healthy.