Dreamer’s World March 30, 2019 – Finishing The Day

Time seems to be standing still right now. I’m getting laundry done while I wait for Hal to get off of work. Of course, I will have to go pick him up from his job since he can no longer drive. As well as laundry, I’m also planning to cook some chicken and pasta in the Instant Pot later today. I will try to make a few photos of the meal once it is done.

I’m still experimenting with the Day One App as well as dictating my blog entries rather than typing them. I do have to go back and do a few edits to deal with issues like punctuation and capitalization, but I didn’t expect everything to work out perfectly.

I’m back after picking Hal up from his job. Almost immediately after returning home, I took a nap and slept for nearly 2 hours. After waking up, I went back to doing laundry and postponed cooking with the Instant Pot until tomorrow when Hal will be at work again.

It is getting late and I will finish laundry and then take a shower before bed. Not a bad day at all.

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