Dreamer’s World March 20, 2019 – The New Pixelbook

I am psyched with my Pixelbook. As I get further into the Google ecosystem, things just flow naturally, and the Pixelbook is a great addition to my little tech family. My old laptop is slowly dying and I needed to get a replacement. I struggled with the choice between a MS Surface, a Macbook ,or a Pixelbook. I didn’t want to get a basic Chromebook, so I had been patiently waiting for a sale. Eventually, a Pixelbook sale popped up on Amazon and I took advantage of the offer. The Pixelbook arrived yesterday and it is everything that it was promised to be. The Pixelbook is super fast and responsive, I have not tried the Pixelbook prn yet, but that will be happening very soon.

I am really looking forward to using the Pixelbook as my daily personal driver from now on. I hope that the ease of use and the inspiration will help me with writing more often.

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