Dreamer’s World March 19, 2019

    Another night with trouble sleeping. I decided to check in with Snoopy and Woodstock to see what time it was, and they gladly informed me that it was 0115 in the morning.

Not a good sign, but I will make it through, and hopefully be able to fall asleep in a little while.

    What we can all use more of:

    There is too much hatred in the world right now. I think we can all agree on that. What we need is more peace ☮️ and love.

I had my quarterly physical this morning. I’m glad to report that nothing was wrong and I feel fine. I am good to go for another three months.

The CEO of the company I work for was in town today, and there was a meeting and lunch for all of the DC area employees. It gives everyone a chance to get together and catch up on things since we all work in different offices, or remotely, like I do.

I finally decided to upgrade my Chromebook. I love Chrome OS and I found a great deal on a Google Pixelbook, so I ordered it and the delivery should be here by tonight. I’m really looking forward to using this new Pixelbook and I hope it will provide a spark to my writing effort.

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