Dreamer’s World March 09, 2019 – You Cannot Please Everyone

About a year ago, when I decided it was time to leave almost all of my social media accounts behind me, I wondered how it would affect me. There was a lot of trepidation and anxiety as I reached my decision. It was difficult to walk away from the things that had occupied so much time and effort, but I felt that something was guiding me through the process. I couldn’t describe the exact underlying cause for the unease that I was feeling, but I think that time has given me the insight to finally realize what I was feeling.

I took things very seriously with my social media life. I tried to treat those people with whom I interacted with dignity and respect. I hope I was successful, but I now know that I was trying to please everyone else before I thought about myself. One of the things that made me enjoy social media less and less was this effort to please everyone. In the year since I have left, I am at peace with myself first because I had to re-prioritize things in my life, and that meant taking care of myself first and not being as concerned about whether other people were happy with me.

A lesson learned that has had real value in my life. One that was learned the hard way, but some of the best lessons usually are the hardest ones.