Dreamer’s World March 05, 2019 – Changes

Learning when to accept change is key to life. We have to change to move ahead, and sometimes that is difficult. I am facing one of those issues now with my vision. Driving at night is getting difficult because I seem to have a larger field of darkness that is interrupted by blinding light from oncoming cars. No, everyone else does not have their high beams on, I am growing older and face the decision to cut back nighttime driving in the future.

As bad as this sounds, I can deal with it very quickly. Hal doesn’t drive anymore due to his vision, so I am the sole driver left in the household. We don’t go out much in the evenings after dark because we are happy here at home. I can manage short trips at night efficiently because I am familiar with the surroundings. Even the trip to pick Hal up from work Monday nights is manageable, but at times it is less pleasant than others due to the weather. A actually, this particular situation will correct itself in a few months with more extended daylight and Hal is also going to stop working Monday evenings altogether since he turned 65 last year.

I used to think that restricting my driving was just unacceptable. Now I know better, and I realize that there is very little I can do, so I have to adjust to the new normal. When I think about this rationally, I know that it isn’t a big deal. My life with Hal won’t be affected adversely, so there is no reason to get upset.

Growing old is something that I deal with every day. I know that there will be things that change, but I also know that I cannot do anything to stop these changes, so I make the best of the situation and keep moving forward.