Dreamer’s World March 04, 2019 – We Missed The Storm

Monday morning has arrived. We are fortunate to have missed the main impacts of the latest winter storm. The snow stayed well to our North, while the tornadoes were to our South. We had a cold, rainy day here without any complications. I woke up this morning and heard that 23 people died in Alabama due to the tornado outbreak, and I feel sorry for their families. Tornadoes are very indiscriminate with their destruction, and they can catch people unaware which makes them extremely dangerous.

I grew up in an area that often had tornado warnings. Thankfully, where I lived was never directly hit by one of those monsters. I still feel for those affected, because I hate to see people struck by tragedy. The entire scenario makes me wonder how fragile life is; it can disappear in an instant.

The outbreak of tornadoes reminds us that Spring is slowly arriving, and that means even more severe weather in the coming weeks. Everyone stay safe and keep an eye to the skies.