Dreamer’s World February 25, 2019 – Writing Again

I am finally able to get some writing done. I let everything else get in my way until I literally gave up on writing, but today I am setting aside time specifically for the purpose of writing to get myself back into the groove.

In addition to extra responsibilities at work due to a coworker leaving last month, I have been overwhelmed with issues here at home, although they are nothing that is negative. I am finally at peace with my situation, and that makes all the difference in the world.

I am ready for Spring to arrive, but it is still a month away. The weather always seems to get nasty around President’s Day, and this year has been no exception. Hopefully, the inclement weather will pass quickly and things will warm up again soon.

One thing that has been on my mind recently is getting a new cell phone. The one I have is a Pixel 2 XL on Google Fi and it is still working but does slow down from time to time. I am sticking with Google Fi, but I really think it is best to wait until this fall when the newest phones come out. Only the nagging desire to get a new phone will bother me sporadically between now and then, but it is best for me to wait and upgrade in the fall. I was tempted to switch over to an iPhone on T-Mobile, but the cost would be higher each month and I don’t want to increase my spending on a cell phone and plan, plus I am happy with Google Fi and have been for over 4 years now. I also like the fact that Google Fi provides a VPN as part of their service as well and that is one less thing to worry about if I switch carriers.

Other than tech toy upgrade syndrome, I am doing fine now. My focus has shifted to accommodate work, but still maintain home life balance. The episode of insomnia I have been battling seems to have passed for now, and I am happy about that, it is nice to get a good night of sleep for a change.