Dreamer’s World February 01, 2019 – Time Flies

It is hard to believe that February is already here. January seems to have vanished in a haze of activity, without much time to reflect on things. I suppose that is good in a way, our 19th anniversary occurred on the 6th of January, and my birthday was on the 20th. I was buried in work during the month as I struggled to take over for a departed coworker who left for greener pastures, at least that is what he hopes will be the case.
   I know that this blog has suffered as a result of everything that happened last month, but that is no excuse for merely posting stories from online and not writing things myself. As things begin to calm down, I want to get back to writing each day, even about the most mundane things, because it helps to maintain my sanity in this mixed-up world.
   To celebrate surviving January, Hal and I are going to dinner this evening at one of our favorite local restaurants. Although the weather is cold, the food will be hot, and the companionship will be terrific. We will have dinner early and then come home to relax with The Stooges. I am happy with this life I have, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.
    The weekend has begun to take shape. After taking Hal to work in the morning, I will take the Fiesta in for its annual safety inspection and also get a slow leak in one of the tires repaired. Hal has a company meeting after work tomorrow, so there is no rush to get the car taken care of, and I can make sure everything is done correctly. I will have lunch somewhere near the auto dealer tomorrow while I wait for things to finish, and then I still should have time to come home for a while before I pick Hal up after his meeting. As for Sunday, I will have more time to relax. I still have to take Hal to and from his job, but I won’t be worried about the Super Bowl. I haven’t cared about the game in years, and now is no time to change that fact.
    I just hope that I can get back to writing more often, if not on a daily basis. I need the routine in my life and the peace of mind it brings.

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