Dreamer’s World January 22, 2019 – Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more

Today started the first day of what amounts to a new job for me. With the departure of a co-worker last Friday, I am now responsible for his tasks as well as my own. Since there is no plan that I am aware of to replace him, my days just got busier than ever. I will do the best I can, but the training for these tasks was not sufficient. The co-worker was too busy getting his ass out the door to provide any real in-depth training.

So, today started with the new responsibilities piled on me, in addition to my regular work. This situation will be an adventure as I arrange things to accommodate the extra work into my schedule.

The day passed without major problems, and I am grateful for that. Once the meetings were over, I took a well-deserved break. Thankfully, there was nothing that required either Hal or me to go out into the cold weather after work. As I catch up with things, I am glad to be here at home with Hal and The Stooges, safe and warm on a cold winter night.