Dreamer’s World January 17, 2019 – Karma And Balance

Life can be full of complications and issues. For every good day that we have, there is someone else that we might know balancing out the universal karma scale by going through sadness and misery. This karma recognition keeps me in balance most of the time.

Hal (person) found out late last night that his step-mother passed away. Hal was not close to her and has no plans to travel to Florida for the funeral. Knowing him for more than 19 years, I recognize that he is not affected at all by what happened. Therefore, I know that Hal will be fine and I don’t have to worry about him.

After bedtime, I woke up and went to the bathroom and discovered I have a kidney stone — not good news for me, but nothing that is painful yet. I will try to make it through the work today and then go to the local emergency clinic after work. I have been up and down on the personal karma scale, but this episode doesn’t dramatically change things as of right now.

A friend’s wife passed away last week, and although Hal and I have offered support, I have not heard from him in almost a week. I know that his karma is sad and painful right now, but we have offered to help it is best to stay out of the chaos and be here when he needs us. We have known that this day was coming for some time, it wasn’t a surprise. At least that means my friend should have had the time to prepare himself for what is happening.

A coworker is leaving the company tomorrow. I have mixed feelings about this because he was able to pawn off his responsibilities to me without my knowledge or consultation. I wish him the beat, and there is a luncheon planned for him tomorrow afternoon. As of this morning, the weather forecast has already had some people announcing that they might not be able to make the lunch, without directly saying that they will not attend. I believe that this situation is karma for the coworker to a large degree because of how is leaving the company and his coworkers.

As you can see, karma is always evenly distributed throughout the universe. Sometimes we are on the right side, others we are on the wrong side. My current position is to help those who are in worse shape than I am because it is the human thing to do.