Dreamer’s World January 04, 2019 – A Good Day To Stay At Home

Thank goodness it is Friday at last! As much as I would love to get out with Hal after work, I think that the wisest thing for us to do is to stay right here at home. The weather forecast is calling for more rain, as if we haven’t already had enough, and I am still recovering from a sinus infection that has made me miserable. With those two factors, I think staying home is the best option for me.

I can get laundry done and cook dinner here. We can relax and watch movies this evening on the Layer3 TV that Hal had installed earlier this week. So far so good with the service. The pictures are all HD and crystal clear, and the strangest thing is that the volume is so much louder with Layer3 than it ever was with Fios or cable.

I know that I need to get more sleep. I hope that will not be a problem tonight. I also decided that I am taking Monday off for mental health reasons, so I will have a 3-day weekend. I deserve it since I worked through the holidays while everyone else took time off. I know that I can use the time away from work for a change.

The most important thing is that Hal and I will spend time together. The Stooges will keep us company on a quiet and relaxing evening spent here at home.