Dreamer’s World December 13, 2018 – Recovery

Yesterday was a day that started with truly agonizing pain. I wrote on the 11th about a pain in the neck, part of which was physical. That pain in my neck and back had me incapacitated Wednesday morning. I called in sick to work and was preparing for a day of popping aspirin until the afternoon when my regular Chiropractor and Acupuncture appointments were scheduled.

Hal saw the pain I was in, and he got his massage table out and told me to get on there so he could help me out. He busted his ass for over an hour working my neck and back muscles until they finally relaxed. I still felt sore, but this time it was good because I knew that he had really helped me out. I was able to relax through the day before my appointment.

I told the Chiropractor what had happened and he said that Hal had done a remarkable job of relieving the pressure points with all of the muscles, but he was still able to crack my neck to the point where I saw stars. The Acupuncturist also took mercy on me and hooked up the electrodes on some of the needles. I left the office feeling tremendously better. I was so happy with what Hal had done for me in the morning that I picked him up and took him out for dinner.

I am so lucky to have a partner like Hal. I slept well last night and this morning I returned to work here at home. I am still incredibly sore, but I know that this soreness is the result of all the work that was done on me yesterday. Thankfully, this will be a slow day at work and I don’t plan to deal with any trifling shit from people at all. I am spending today at work catching up on emails and phone calls and will not be putting any extra pressure on myself.

Tomorrow will be a short day at work because the local employee off-site happy hour is taking place in the afternoon.

I will make it through today, feeling better with each passing minute.

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