Dreamer’s World December 10, 2018 – Another Brick In The Wall

This time of the year, everything feels like it is nearing the end, not necessarily the completion, just the end. All the efforts I have focused on throughout 2018 have either succeeded or failed, there is almost no chance of the results changing between now and the end of the year. More than anything else, I feel like I am just going through the motions right now with no discernable difference being made.

Attempts to better myself have met with mixed success. Regardless, I feel that I am a better person than I was at the start of 2018. Perhaps time will create a sense of real accomplishment, but right now it doesn’t generate much satisfaction. Not that I did anything specifically for recognition, but it does help to be acknowledged.

Right now, things just seem to be repetitive with the end slowly emerging in the distance. Until then the repetition seems like Another Brick In The Wall.

Dreamer’s World December 10, 2018 – Shrugging Off The Past

The weekend was busy. I had very little time to myself, so I was more than a little surprised when I got a text message from a number I never heard of before. The message was out of left field, The message referred to a friendship that was no longer welcome.

I did some digging and eventually found out that the message was from someone who told me to get bent nearly four years ago. Obviously, he had forgotten about the time he clearly told me that our friendship was over, for whatever fucked-up reasons he had at that time. I wrote about the experience when it happened, and then I moved on.

It was rather unnerving to get that text, but it reminded me that I made the right choice by never responding directly to it all those years ago.