Dreamer’s World November 28, 2018 – Adjusting My Priorities

I have been focusing far too much on myself recently. There are issues with the job that have upset me, and that has taken my focus away from things that are truly important to me. I have become selfish and ignored things here that should have had my attention.
Yesterday, I noticed that Spartacus, our oldest cat, had scratched so hard that he injured himself on the side of his neck. The poor guy had an open wound that I could feel but hidden under his fur. I found it when rubbing him and giving him attention. I spoke with Hal, and he called the vet.
We took Spartacus in, and the vet said that he is on good health for a cat of 17 years. The scratch was superficial, and there was no infection. I was relieved to hear that, and we obtained medicine to put on the area that will help it to heal. When we got home, Spartacus acted as if he knew that we were helping him out. He was very calm as I rubbed the medicine onto his skin. I expected a struggle, but there was none.
After the excitement died down, I thought about how I had managed to ignore something as important as Spartacus. He depends on us for everything, and I let him down by not paying enough attention to him. I felt guilty about this, and I wondered what I could to make things right. The first thing was to identify why I had let this happen.
The situation at work was the problem. I cannot change what is going on, but I can change how I deal with it. The issue with Spartacus was the moment of clarity for me. I knew that I had to decide to let the work stress go and focus again on things here at home. Whatever crap work throws at me, I will survive and prosper. Getting upset at a situation, I cannot control was pointless and also allowed my focus to slip away from the important things and people in my life.
Today, I rubbed the medicine onto Spartacus before I started work and I took the time to bond with him. I felt how he responded to my touch and the sound of my voice. I saw what I believe was gratitude in his eyes as I spoke to him. I did these things before I signed in to work for the day. I know that action calmed me before starting the work routine.
Things have to change. I will not let work dictate my life any longer. I have too many other things that require my attention, and I know that work will go smoothly or be stressful. If work is stressful, I will find ways to alleviate that stress before it consumes me.

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