Dreamer’s World November 15, 2018 – Sleet On The Window

As lunchtime arrives, the snow has stopped suddenly, only to be replaced by the unmistakable sound of sleet pounding against the windows. This development means that I am not going anywhere after work, because even if the sleet eventually changes to rain, the damage will have been done and traffic will be a nightmare. Thankfully, we have everything we need here for the rest of the day. Even the local schools that were supposed to open two hours late gave up and canceled classes for the day. I know that makes most of the kids very happy, at least until they realize that they will have to make today up in the spring when the weather will be beautiful.

Looking at Google Maps, the traffic jams are still in place, now they will slowly start to reverse direction as the afternoon wears on. I suspect that some people never made it into work at all and will just turn around and try to get back home through the mess. Days like this make me extremely glad that I work from home. Honestly, if I had to commute I would have taken another day because I have been sick rather than mess with all the nonsense out there.

The main thing is that we are safe and warm. Nothing else matters right now as I finish my lunch and listen to the sound of sleet pounding against the window.

Dreamer’s World November 15, 2018 – Let It Snow

I am slowly recovering from an infection that knocked me out and lept me from working and writing this week. The infection centered around my tonsils, but it wasn’t technically tonsillitis, at least according to the doctor. That diagnosis didn’t make things any easier on me, however. The trouble began Sunday evening, and by Monday I was in agony, unable to swallow anything but liquids. I made the appointment to see my doctor first thing Tuesday morning and he told me that I had an infection, not strep, but it wasn’t tonsillitis. He prescribed medicine for the inflammation and pain, and I began to recover slowly.

I took Tuesday and Wednesday off from work. By Tuesday evening I felt noticeably better, and through Tuesday night and Wednesday I slept for about 18 hours to regain my strength. The rest of Wednesday I continued to make progress so this morning I am back at work here at home.

The other thing that is going on this morning is the first snowfall of the season.

I don’t know if I am really ready for the snow, but we did go to the supermarket last night to get a few items, but not any panic-buying stuff. The weather is supposed to warm up tomorrow and all of this snow should melt away rapidly.

I hope that I will soon be completely over the infection and feeling better by the weekend because I want to spend as much time with Hal as possible before he departs to visit family on Monday for a few days before Thanksgiving. He will be back on Wednesday so we will have the holiday together. I have no family to visit over the holidays, so I will always be here to take care of The Stooges.