Dreamer’s World November 08, 2018 – Happiness Is Having Someone To Lean on


Happiness is having someone to lean on, as the old song states. As strong as we might be as individuals, we all need support from others. I have Hal and The Stooges here to help me with difficult times, and I am always here for them. I know that this sense of support makes us all happier every day.

There have been times when I was alone. I learned the limits of my endurance and realized that there were limits I could not break through by myself. I spent so much time putting up the defenses to protect myself that there was very little left inside to defend in the first place. I became defined by my exterior while my interior was hollowed out. I turned to alcohol to literally fill the void, but the feeling of satisfaction never lasted long. It wasn’t until I met Hal (person) that my life got better.

We all need to share. We all need to have someone there to rely on, to take over the guard duties while we rest and recover from the stresses in our lives. I was able to rebuild myself from the inside and therefore I was worth defending from the rest of the world. Hal has said the same thing, although we were at different stages of the issue when we first met. I tend to be more emotional around him because I never had a safe place to let my emotions out for so many years. Hal is more stoic than I am within our relationship. To the rest of the world, we appear to be the opposite, my defenses are still intact, whereas Hal is more vulnerable. The combination works for both of us. We support each other.