Dreamer’s World November 07, 2018 – The Power Of Hate


Last night we learned that far too many people still believe the NAZI propaganda and are living in fear of everything. The “cultural” issues that NAZIS feast on continue to affect voters in rural areas. This is an issue that cannot be ignored and must be resisted at all costs. I grew up in one of those areas but I fail to understand how fear dominates them the way it does. Over the last nearly 40 years, they have become insular and afraid of anyone who is not already known to them, unless that new person clearly reflects the NAZI ideology. Anyone who is not a NAZI is written off and an enemy and shunned. That is the main reason I no longer even consider returning to my hometown for a visit.

I am amazed that after nearly 40 years of this bullshit and things never got much better, that they still support the NAZI ideology. The pictures I have seen of my hometown show the closed and vacant stores rather than new businesses and thriving older ones. And yet, they still support the ideas that cause the problems in the first place.

I feel bad for my hometown. They are not inherently bad, but they are victims of the NAZI lust for power. People there still die early from diseases that are preventable, but they see attempts at health care reform as “communism” that infringes on their freedom. Many of them have apparently died from complications that arise from environmental concerns. I am stunned every time I look at the local paper and see another classmate dead from cancer. Their obituaries are almost carbon copies of each other. Member of this or that church, loving husband or wife of so-and-so, loved watching the Wildcats. A few of them served in the military, like me, but they returned to our hometown and ended up dying early.

Because I am Gay, I know that I would never be welcome in my hometown again. The hold that religion has on the people there is saddening. Like so many areas in this country religion no longer offers hope and love, it enforces hatred and fear. Because I am also an Atheist, I recognize that this is yet another reason I will never be welcome there again.

The fact that the religion has changed over the last 40 years is an indicator that it is not true, it has been cultivated starting with what we used to call the “lunatic” churches that were small and seemed harmless. What we failed to realize was that these groups were actively seeking out new members and also focusing on political agendas. Now the people in my hometown are seemingly powerless to resist the dictates that these lunatic churches spew out every Sunday.

There are people I graduated with who also managed to get away from our hometown. These are the people who, like myself, are doing well. There has to be a connection and a commonality that clearly demonstrates why this is the case. I believe that those of us who left are prosperous and happy simply because we left.

As the years and decades pass, I find myself less and less interested in returning to my hometown for a visit. I have lost common interests with the people I grew up with who remained there. I feel terrible for them when I see that they have chosen once again to remain under the power of the NAZIS in America. With each passing day, the chances that they will ever break free of the tyranny diminishes. We are strangers to each other, I am seen as an enemy, and I see them as people who have been taken advantage of.

Sadly, none of us believe that we will change anytime soon.

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