Dreamer’s World November 07, 2018 -Serenity In The Midst Of Change


Every now and then I experiment with my writing tools. There is a part of me that seeks out new things and wants to learn as much as possible about them. Today is one of those times. I am writing this post directly from WordPress, and this is the first time I have done so in years. I found that Grammarly has a plug-in that works with WP and identifies those pesky mistakes I make as I write. This is a wonderful revelation for me because I can now cut down on the amount of work that each blog post requires.

I have been thinking about my tech toys recently. I have reduced my social media presence to the bare minimum over the last year, but I still rely on my phone and laptop to stay in touch and to write. Because I am a technophile, I yearn for the latest and greatest in things, but I am also a realist who knows that the latest and greatest changes almost every week, and that the pursuit of those things is a pointless adventure. I still am happy with my Pixel XL2 even though I would love to upgrade to the Pixel XL3. I have to remind myself that I still have a perfectly serviceable device here that does not really need to be replaced.

I even toyed with the thought of leaving Project Fi and going back to a traditional cell provider, but I cannot match the price that I pay using Project Fi. Even the alluring new iPhones cannot convince me to switch right now. Sadly, the price differential between the new iPhones and the new Pixels has almost disappeared, but that makes my decision much easier to stick with what I already have.

Over the last year, as I diminished my social media presence I found that the tools are not nearly as vital as they once were. What I have is perfectly viable and will be for some time to come. I know that the real issue is my own desire and I am the only one who can overcome the temptation to spend more money that I really shouldn’t spend. I know that the key to finding serenity is within myself, and not with external factors. This is a realization that isn’t easy to admit, but it is crucial to overcoming the commercial greed that seems to govern our society.

We are all subjected to the constant bombardment of advertising about new things. The status that is derived from having the latest and greatest thing is ingrained into us from an early age. Only the cool people, or successful people, have the latest and greatest. Those who cannot keep up must be faulty in some way, or eccentric to be kind. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Of course, there are people who financially cannot afford to keep up with technology, and the number of people who are in that category increases every day. But, there are those, like myself, who finally tire of the endless chase and make the conscious decision to choose happiness over consumerism. It is not an easy choice because I have to reject the vain pursuits and the false status and focus on things that are far less tangible.

Happiness is a choice. Happiness cannot be provided by things, at least not for long. Inner peace comes from rejecting the outside world when the outside world attempts to define what makes us happy. Contenement comes from within. Let there be no mistake, breaking free from the consumer chain and the materialism is the best choice that one can make.

Don’t make yourself crazy by constantly changing what you have based on what others say you should have. Slow down and appreciate where you are in your life journey. Then you can make the important decision on what to do next.

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