Dreamer’s World October 29, 2018 – Protecting My Sanity


A day that has passed (so far) without another RWNJ domestic terrorist attack feels like a win for everyone, doesn’t it? As soon as I type those words I have to wonder if there was another incident that just happened and I am not aware of it yet. This is the sick, sad world that we live in.

I try my best to keep the outside world at bay. I want my space to be calm and serene, filled with good thoughts, peace, and love. Accomplishing this gets harder every day. The outside world just demands attention in the worst way with the worst of intents.

I used to instantly jump onto social media like Facebook or Twitter when something happened because I felt like I needed to be informed with the latest information. Now I realize that the overload of information and disinformation only causes upset and turmoil.

I know that I am better off staying out of the “instant expert” analysis of the latest tragedy to save my own sanity. I am tired of the violence and hatred. I am tired of the insane justification for each of these atrocities. I am tired of the people who have no outlet for their feelings other than hatred and violence.

Instead, I try to keep my focus on the things around here that I can control. Withdrawing from most social media has had a wonderful calming influence on my life. I am now much closer to my Happy Place, and I find that the world continues on its own destructive path without me standing in the way trying to stop the madness. I feel stronger than before and more ready to emerge to fight when needed if my happiness is threatened from the outside