Dreamer’s World October 27, 2018 – Joy And Pain


I started Saturday with such high hopes. My new guitar, an Epiphone SG-400, actually arrived early in the morning, almost as if it was the first thing delivered off the truck. It got here before I had to take Hal to work, so I deliberately left the guitar package in the living room and left with Hal.

The weather was cold and rainy on Saturday morning, almost as if it were portending something bad. The trip required extra caution because the drivers here have a hard time navigating under the best of conditions. Hal is the most important person in my life so I took my time and was extra careful getting him to work. Thankfully, the trip was uneventful and I returned home to open my new guitar.

I was about to start tuning and experimenting with the new guitar when I turned on the TV. My feelings about the weather indicating something was wrong proved to be true.

I instantly saw the news about the domestic terrorist attack on the synagogue in Pittsburgh. My heart sank as once again our country was consumed with violence that is promoted by the NAZI in the White House. The same tired analysis of a tragedy, the same reporting that the suspect was “male” which naturally means he is White, because if he were Black or Hispanic, or a Muslim, that would have been instantly shouted out.

We had the same NAZI in the White House spouting nonsense in response to a tragedy that can be laid directly at his feet. His hateful rhetoric coupled with the power of the office provides a podium for RWNJ lunatics to soak up his hatred and act out on it.

There are eleven people whose lives were violently taken away yesterday in Pittsburgh. Sadly, they are just added to the list because those in power refuse to take any action to stop the violence. I feel terrible for the families of those people. I feel the need for revenge towards the RWNJ lunatic who caused this.

Eventually, I went to get Hal from his job. He hadn’t heard anything about the domestic terrorist attack, but he was also stunned when I told him about it. The trip home was spent discussing what is wrong with the nation and why we continue to allow these things to happen.

Saturday evening I finally got the new guitar out, tuned it up and tried to practice, but my heart wasn’t in it. The loss of eleven lives for no reason other than hatred just hurt too much.