Dreamer’s World October 26, 2018 – Friday Rumblings

IMG_20181026_113904      It seems like every time I have a good system all set up to post to my blog, that something will always go wrong. The latest misadventure involves IFTTT. IFTTT has stopped working, and I am just too disinterested to put any more effort into fixing whatever the most recent problem is. The problem has been sporadic for several weeks, and no tech support has been able to help me out.

     I suppose that this whole episode is just a way that the world is telling me that I need to move on and find another way to get my thoughts out through my blog. For the time being, I will write in Grammarly, an excellent tool that gives me much more freedom and fewer worries about something being wrong with my post when I finish writing. The drawback is that Grammarly is not customizable at all, so I will still need to export from Grammarly to another format if I want to have anything other than the general WP formatting on my finished post. Evernote is always an option, but Google Docs is also available and performs well. I will try both of them and see what the differences are.

     I have to think carefully before taking any drastic action today because I failed miserably at sleep last night. I wish I knew what to do to get more sleep, but today is going to be difficult. I usually feel better after lunchtime, if I stay awake that long. I was planning to go to the grocery store with Hal immediately after work, and perhaps to Guitar Center, but that is all up in the air right now. I won’t have the final answer until quitting time this afternoon.

     The latest news is that there has been an arrest in the attempted mail bombings that have taken place this week. The suspect is a “Male in his 50s,” and that usually means he is white. From the news coverage, the van associated with this person is covered in pro-Rump stickers. I suspect that he is just another mindless drone in the NAZI cult that had become a cancer in America. If the arrested individual were a Black man, the media would clearly state that fact. I expect the “disturbed individual” and “lone wolf” type of protective statements from RWNJ lunatics will erupt when the man is identified.