Dreamer’s World October 22, 2018 – Rosa


I have never written about a television show before, much less a particular episode, but Sunday night I watched the “Doctor Who” episode called “Rosa.” I had tears in my eyes during the show because I am old enough to remember a generation of white Americans who were bitter and angry because they realized that they had LOST the battle over Civil RIghts. These are the people who produced the contemporary crop of RWNJ lunatics who follow the American NAZI, Donald Trump today.
From the start of the episode, the blatant racism was on full display in all of its ugliness. As painful as this was to watch, it was necessary not to sugar-coat the time that Rosa Parks lived in, and the everyday struggles that she endured. From Ryan getting punched in the face while everyone stood around and watched, with the silent consent of the crowd, it was evident that the show was not shying away from the brutal elements of racism.
The casual way that racism was accepted made me cringe. I was fortunate enough to be raised by parents that never showed any signs of racism to me. I was in the second class that started school in an integrated system, although I was too young to appreciate what this meant at the time. I cannot understand why people ever felt the need to hate each other on an organized level. To me, that is a trademark of NAZI ideology rather than the values that we supposedly treasure as Americans. Equality and Respect are not exclusive to a race or gender, nor should they ever be. Rights which are guaranteed by law should never be subject to a popular vote.
Racism is a tool used to keep certain people in power ling after any usefulness has passed. Racism belongs in the dumpster of history, not in the present time. That is why “Rosa” was such a meaningful episode. It showed us that it cannot be removed from the discussion as long as there are still people in favor of it.
I cried because I remember seeing people who longed for a time like the one that Rosa Parks lived through. I have hope for the future, but I cannot lower my guard to let Racism ever win again.

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