Dreamer’s World October 21, 2018 – Leaving G+ Behind Me

Well, I finally made my decision about G+. I deleted my account yesterday without tons of regret. I had thought about removing my account for some time since the decision was made to phase out G+ over the next 10 months.

I tried rationalizing why I should keep my account active as the feed of information from my friends dwindled to nothing. There was just no point in remaining there because it would only amplify the sense of loss. Life is and should be, about moving forward rather than looking back. My life won’t suffer any irreparable damage without G+. I have lived most of my life without it, the adjustment is all in my head.

I am moving on. I am looking forward to the future, even a future without G+. Initially, I thought I would stick around until the bitter end on G+. Then I realized that if my feelings made any difference, things would never change at all.

One thought on “Dreamer’s World October 21, 2018 – Leaving G+ Behind Me

  1. When Google and Youtube did their merger or whatever it was, I was automatically given a + account. I never used it. When they go by the wayside, I only hope that my Youtube channel is still safe. If not, I’ll probably upgrade on Word Press where I can post my own videos without using another hosting site. Which means, I should probably start downloading all of my videos just in case.

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