Dreamer’s WOrld October 11, 2018 – Guitar And Self-Discipline


Every once in a while I have to stop what I am doing, evaluate things, and decide if I am on the right track or not. Today is one of those days. My guitar practice has hit a rut. My attempts to teach myself have hit a wall and I need to figure out a new approach.

Thank goodness for the internet, where I can find a quick solution to all of life’s little problems. Some research really drove home the point that I needed to make a change in my routine, I need to re-evaluate and set some more realistic goals for myself. I felt a sense of disappointment because I hate to admit when I have made a mistake, but I am mature enough to know when to start over.

Talking with some friends who have played guitar for many years gave me the insight that I so desperately needed. I am certain that they secretly laughed at me as I pushed ahead with my faulty approach to learning guitar, but I was too proud to ask for help at that time. Now I reach out to them and they are willing to help.

I need to establish a routine for my practicing. I need to instill a sense of self-discipline as well. The overwhelming suggestion is to start keeping a practice log and maintaining it every day so I can identify what obstacles I need to focus on, and then overcome them through more practice. I have been guilty of hitting the wall in one area and then moving on to another without ever correcting the first problem.

Chord changes are kicking my ass. I need to focus on mastering chords first and then working slowly through progressions and changes. All my friends say that keeping a logbook will help get me through this.

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