2 thoughts on “Vox.com: A leading Holocaust historian just compared the US to Nazi Germany

  1. The Nazis first piloted their lethal methods on the disabled and other marginalized that no one would miss. Republicans have pretty much been there with the trauma in residential facilities for years, the voting to kill 47,000 Americans annually by denying them the health insurance to save their life from preventable illness. Add on the actual Nazis marching in the street and draconian immigration policies…I’d say there’s a good case we’re mid-late 1930s Nazis. How much further will we fall? Ask again in November 2018.

  2. Huh…I just made that case about what year of Nazis we were on the fly from lived experience. Apparently the article was equally precise in saying 1930s Nazis. I wish the article had noted that level of precision in the headline. It adds a certain gravitas that leading scholars are also being that detailed. Also: yeah, duck Mitch McConnell and the other House and Senate horsemen of the Apocalypse.

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