Repel Evil By That Which Is Better

Modelling the humanity, comity and grace of which our leaders are incapable, Pittsburgh’s Muslim community has opened their hearts and wallets to the families of Tree of Life victims to “respond to evil with good” and send a “message of compassion through action.” Having raised nearly $1 million through two crowdfunding sites, they’ve also offered rides and protection, poignantly declaring, “We just want to know what you need – we’ll be there.”

Source: Repel Evil By That Which Is Better

Dreamer’s World October 29, 2018 – Protecting My Sanity


A day that has passed (so far) without another RWNJ domestic terrorist attack feels like a win for everyone, doesn’t it? As soon as I type those words I have to wonder if there was another incident that just happened and I am not aware of it yet. This is the sick, sad world that we live in.

I try my best to keep the outside world at bay. I want my space to be calm and serene, filled with good thoughts, peace, and love. Accomplishing this gets harder every day. The outside world just demands attention in the worst way with the worst of intents.

I used to instantly jump onto social media like Facebook or Twitter when something happened because I felt like I needed to be informed with the latest information. Now I realize that the overload of information and disinformation only causes upset and turmoil.

I know that I am better off staying out of the “instant expert” analysis of the latest tragedy to save my own sanity. I am tired of the violence and hatred. I am tired of the insane justification for each of these atrocities. I am tired of the people who have no outlet for their feelings other than hatred and violence.

Instead, I try to keep my focus on the things around here that I can control. Withdrawing from most social media has had a wonderful calming influence on my life. I am now much closer to my Happy Place, and I find that the world continues on its own destructive path without me standing in the way trying to stop the madness. I feel stronger than before and more ready to emerge to fight when needed if my happiness is threatened from the outside

Dreamer’s World October 27, 2018 – Joy And Pain


I started Saturday with such high hopes. My new guitar, an Epiphone SG-400, actually arrived early in the morning, almost as if it was the first thing delivered off the truck. It got here before I had to take Hal to work, so I deliberately left the guitar package in the living room and left with Hal.

The weather was cold and rainy on Saturday morning, almost as if it were portending something bad. The trip required extra caution because the drivers here have a hard time navigating under the best of conditions. Hal is the most important person in my life so I took my time and was extra careful getting him to work. Thankfully, the trip was uneventful and I returned home to open my new guitar.

I was about to start tuning and experimenting with the new guitar when I turned on the TV. My feelings about the weather indicating something was wrong proved to be true.

I instantly saw the news about the domestic terrorist attack on the synagogue in Pittsburgh. My heart sank as once again our country was consumed with violence that is promoted by the NAZI in the White House. The same tired analysis of a tragedy, the same reporting that the suspect was “male” which naturally means he is White, because if he were Black or Hispanic, or a Muslim, that would have been instantly shouted out.

We had the same NAZI in the White House spouting nonsense in response to a tragedy that can be laid directly at his feet. His hateful rhetoric coupled with the power of the office provides a podium for RWNJ lunatics to soak up his hatred and act out on it.

There are eleven people whose lives were violently taken away yesterday in Pittsburgh. Sadly, they are just added to the list because those in power refuse to take any action to stop the violence. I feel terrible for the families of those people. I feel the need for revenge towards the RWNJ lunatic who caused this.

Eventually, I went to get Hal from his job. He hadn’t heard anything about the domestic terrorist attack, but he was also stunned when I told him about it. The trip home was spent discussing what is wrong with the nation and why we continue to allow these things to happen.

Saturday evening I finally got the new guitar out, tuned it up and tried to practice, but my heart wasn’t in it. The loss of eleven lives for no reason other than hatred just hurt too much.


Dreamer’s World October 26, 2018 – Friday Rumblings

IMG_20181026_113904      It seems like every time I have a good system all set up to post to my blog, that something will always go wrong. The latest misadventure involves IFTTT. IFTTT has stopped working, and I am just too disinterested to put any more effort into fixing whatever the most recent problem is. The problem has been sporadic for several weeks, and no tech support has been able to help me out.

     I suppose that this whole episode is just a way that the world is telling me that I need to move on and find another way to get my thoughts out through my blog. For the time being, I will write in Grammarly, an excellent tool that gives me much more freedom and fewer worries about something being wrong with my post when I finish writing. The drawback is that Grammarly is not customizable at all, so I will still need to export from Grammarly to another format if I want to have anything other than the general WP formatting on my finished post. Evernote is always an option, but Google Docs is also available and performs well. I will try both of them and see what the differences are.

     I have to think carefully before taking any drastic action today because I failed miserably at sleep last night. I wish I knew what to do to get more sleep, but today is going to be difficult. I usually feel better after lunchtime, if I stay awake that long. I was planning to go to the grocery store with Hal immediately after work, and perhaps to Guitar Center, but that is all up in the air right now. I won’t have the final answer until quitting time this afternoon.

     The latest news is that there has been an arrest in the attempted mail bombings that have taken place this week. The suspect is a “Male in his 50s,” and that usually means he is white. From the news coverage, the van associated with this person is covered in pro-Rump stickers. I suspect that he is just another mindless drone in the NAZI cult that had become a cancer in America. If the arrested individual were a Black man, the media would clearly state that fact. I expect the “disturbed individual” and “lone wolf” type of protective statements from RWNJ lunatics will erupt when the man is identified.


Dreamer’s World October 22, 2018 – Rosa


I have never written about a television show before, much less a particular episode, but Sunday night I watched the “Doctor Who” episode called “Rosa.” I had tears in my eyes during the show because I am old enough to remember a generation of white Americans who were bitter and angry because they realized that they had LOST the battle over Civil RIghts. These are the people who produced the contemporary crop of RWNJ lunatics who follow the American NAZI, Donald Trump today.
From the start of the episode, the blatant racism was on full display in all of its ugliness. As painful as this was to watch, it was necessary not to sugar-coat the time that Rosa Parks lived in, and the everyday struggles that she endured. From Ryan getting punched in the face while everyone stood around and watched, with the silent consent of the crowd, it was evident that the show was not shying away from the brutal elements of racism.
The casual way that racism was accepted made me cringe. I was fortunate enough to be raised by parents that never showed any signs of racism to me. I was in the second class that started school in an integrated system, although I was too young to appreciate what this meant at the time. I cannot understand why people ever felt the need to hate each other on an organized level. To me, that is a trademark of NAZI ideology rather than the values that we supposedly treasure as Americans. Equality and Respect are not exclusive to a race or gender, nor should they ever be. Rights which are guaranteed by law should never be subject to a popular vote.
Racism is a tool used to keep certain people in power ling after any usefulness has passed. Racism belongs in the dumpster of history, not in the present time. That is why “Rosa” was such a meaningful episode. It showed us that it cannot be removed from the discussion as long as there are still people in favor of it.
I cried because I remember seeing people who longed for a time like the one that Rosa Parks lived through. I have hope for the future, but I cannot lower my guard to let Racism ever win again.