Dreamer’s World September 21, 2018 – The End Of A Long And Trying Week

I am glad that Friday is here at last. I was off work the previous two days, but it wasn’t for anything fun. I had an electrical problem with the Lime Green Fiesta that had to be repaired before things got worse. Whenever I was driving, I got the warning light that one of the doors was open. It was never open. The alarm went off steadily and caused the dome light to go on and stay on. The dome light caught the attention of a local police officer on Monday night because you are never supposed to drive after dark with your dome light on. Thankfully, I was just given the warning to get it fixed.

I took the day off on Wednesday and went to the Ford dealer where I purchased the Lime Green Fiesta because there is a service plan with discounts that come in handy. The dealer is about 25 miles away from where we live, so this meant a trip to sit there and wait for the repairs to get done. After several hours, the techs came and said that they could find nothing wrong (of course) and that I should monitor the situation and bring it back if necessary. I was not satisfied with this, but I started to drive away, and the sensor started acting up again.

When the techs saw that the light was on as I had told them, the Lime Green Fiesta went back into the shop for another few hours. Eventually, I was told that the problem could not be identified without more detailed inspection and that I would have to leave the vehicle overnight.

This new development meant that Hal and I had to take the courtesy shuttle to the nearest Metro station, then catch the series of trains that would get us the closest to home, and then take the bus for another hour to get back home. After that adventurous trip, I was prepared to work Thursday as usual while waiting on word about the Lime Green Fiesta. Just before 1700, I got the call that they had finally found that there was a wire in the Lime Green Fiesta that had shorted out and was the cause of the door sensor alarm. The techs were able to repair the problem without much trouble (of course), and that I could pick up the Lime Green Fiesta on Thursday.

This news meant that I had to schedule another day off work to travel back to the dealer in the morning using the same long Metro commute. I was not going to accept the Lime Green Fiesta without a test drive to make sure that the problem was resolved. Thankfully, the issue did not happen again and apparently the problem has been fixed. Then I had to face the cost of the repair. No parts were charged, but because of the time and labor involved with removing the door panel and finally identifying the cause of the problem (testing each wire individually), I was out quite a bit of money.

At least the Lime Green Fiesta is running smoothly once again without the alarm constantly going off. For that I am grateful. Now I hope that there will be no more unexpected expenses for a long time, and I hope that I can relax and enjoy the weekend.