Dreamer’s World September 17, 2018 – Decisions, Decisions

Dreamer’s World September 17, 2018 – Decisions, Decisions

     As I am writing this, I am listening to a TED talk about the paralyzing effects of having too many choices in our lives. We often agonize over decisions in our lives, whether it is something simple like what to eat versus how to get ahead in our careers. We have comfort zones that we establish, and they are there for a reason, those comfort zones reinforce decisions that we have already made and increase the chances that we will make the same choices the next time they are presented to us. Venturing outside of that comfort zone involves risk, the risk that we will make the wrong decision, or that we will become paralyzed about which choice to make.
    I recently thought about switching from my Android Pixel phone using Google’s Project Fi to an iPhone on T-Mobile. My decision was made quickly. The cost of switching, as well as the cost of the new service, was going to be much more than I am willing to pay. The decision process took less than two minutes. I am pleased that I exercised the discipline to make that choice quickly and could then move on to other things. I feel no regret, and the sense of relief is palpable. I might decide to upgrade my phone on Project Fi, but I won’t have to make that decision until sometime later this year.
        We have the power to create reasons to make decisions in our lives. The possibilities are endless if we take the chance to make new choices without stopping to over-analyze them. The advice from the speakers is to go with your first instinct. The longer you spend choosing an option, the higher the chances that you will regret the choice you make. I prefer to phrase this as being spontaneous and getting the decision made quickly. All the consequences of the possible outcomes of each decision are impossible to predict. We have a limited amount of time in our lives to live, don’t waste it being paralyzed by fear.

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September 17, 2018 at 11:35AM
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