Dreamer’s World September 12, 2018 – One Day At A Time

Dreamer’s World September 12, 2018 – One Day At A Time

    I am starting this blog post at 0330 in the morning because I’m awake for no good reason. I hate insomnia, but since I didn’t feel well after work yesterday I took a long nap and that probably messed my body clock up to the point where I find myself awake now.
    Sincerely I’m awake I will probably decide not to go to the client’s office today. I hate to make the trip when I feel wrecked due to lack of sleep.
    Surprisingly, I was able to go back to sleep for about an hour before my alarm went off at 0600. I stopped it and the next thing I knew, Hal was shaking me awake again at 0700 and asking me if I was going to work today. I told him that I was going to work, but not at the client’s office since I was not feeling well. I can afford to miss a weekly visit every now and then since I have been working with the client for so many years.
    I will do what I can from home today as well as monitor the progress of Hurricane Florence as it nears the coast. The latest forecasts seem to spare us from the heavy rain, and I am grateful if that will be the case. I hope that the storm will not be as bad as predicted for everyone.
    I am more out of it than I thought. I spent the first two hours of the day thinking that this is Thursday. I need some alcohol to bring me back to reality, or at least make staying away from reality more fun. At least, my BG levels are terrific so far today. Ironic that I feel like crap when the BG levels are right where they should be.
    At least I felt better as the morning progressed. If the day at work doesn’t get too stressful and exhaust me all over again, I will see if Hal wants to do anything after work. I can also cook the roast in the Instant Pot this evening so we will have plenty of food for the next several days. I cannot stay inactive for too long after work because I want to be ready for a good night of sleep tonight.
    During one of the endless conference calls in the afternoon, I went ahead and put the roast into the Instant Pot. Because it is a large roast, I gave it more time to cook since the extra time shouldn’t harm the roast in any way but should make sure it is done throughout.
    I was stunned to see the sun actually shining here today. It has been over 5 days without a break from the clouds and the sun seems blindingly bright after such a long time. Now I really hope that Hal wants to get out and do something after work this afternoon, but I will have to wait and see about that.

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September 13, 2018 at 08:16AM
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