Dreamer’s World September 12, 2018 – Choice between Apple and Google

Dreamer’s World September 12, 2018 – Choice between Apple and Google

    Today is the day when Apple will unveil their new series of products, particularly the newest iPhone. I am sure that I will check things out later today just to see what is being offered and how much those items cost, but that will be the extent of my interest.
There was a period about a month ago when I seriously thought about switching from Android and Project Fi back to Apple and a traditional carrier. After some intense consideration, I have decided that I am staying with Android and Project Fi. THere will be new Pixel phones coming out in about a month. I enjoy Project Fi and it has been an excellent experience for me.
    Project Fi is a Google initiative that provides cell phones that work with T-Mobile, Sprint and US Cellular networks without interruption, but the phones are also geared towards using secure Wifi whenever possible. I switched to Project Fi about 4 years ago and have never experienced a problem with the service or with the company itself and the customer support process. The drawback is that the choice of phones is very limited. Sadly, the available phones are increasing in price to the level of Apple and Samsung, but the network and plan still make Project Fi the best option for me.
    I currently have the Pixel 2 XL phone and it is terrific. The camera is probably the best available on any cell phone. Google should be releasing the official next Pixel phones in October and that is the news I am waiting for. If I decide to upgrade my phone, I will definitely stick with Pixel and Project Fi.

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September 12, 2018 at 02:45PM
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