Dreamer’s World September 6, 2018 – Our Country In Peril

Dreamer’s World September 6, 2018 – Our Country In Peril

    Today I contacted my US Senators and let them know my opinion on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court, which they should REJECT. It is something taught to me as a child, my duty as a citizen, to let elected officials know how I felt about issues of the day. I don’t think they teach civics as a subject in school anymore, and that is a shame.
    Our system is far from perfect. It is worth noting that I had to specifically request NOT to receive emails from either Senator as the result of my reaching out to them in the first place. Experience has taught me that signing up for these “newsletters” only subjects me to pleas for money. I find it strange that our system has devolved to the point where millionaires and billionaires beg for money from people who struggle to make ends meet. The irony is that we are fleeced to compete with corporate and big-time political donors for the attention of our elected officials in the first place.
    This example proves that money is the problem we have with our political system. Money does NOT equal speech unless you are an elected official who is desperate to remain in office. We need a total ban on political contributions from any source, and our elected officials should be required to live on the salaries that they earn, if not on the minimum wage! Our elected officials quickly lose touch with reality once they enter the world of corporate money and handouts that are given to influence their votes on issues that affect every single one of us.
    The most prudent answer is to have publicly financed campaigns where each candidate is given the same amount of airtime on radio and tv, and the same amount of advertising in newspapers and print media. TV is the monster we need to tame.  That one will be much more difficult to solve, but we have to try if we are ever to reclaim our country from the rich and powerful who do nothing more than begging us for our money to keep them in power.

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September 06, 2018 at 09:10PM
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