Dreamer’s World September 6, 2018 – My Thoughts On Nike and Colin Kaepernick

Dreamer’s World September 6, 2018 – My Thoughts On Nike and Colin Kaepernick

    The debate about Nike’s decision to honor Colin Kaepernick continues to resonate. I completely agree with the decision out of respect for Colin’s valid point that this country has major problems that it doesn’t want to address. The backlash is predictable, ignore the real problem and focus on some bogus, invented issue that was created only to discredit Colin in the eyes of the public.
    Sadly, there are far too many people who will follow what the RWNJ echo chamber tells them to. The predictable response of destroying items from Nike comes as no surprise. I do have to point out that these idiots are ruining their personal property. They paid for those items, and now they decide that they no longer want them because they won’t listen to what Colin has to say, they look to what the RWNJ lunatics tell them to think. This approach makes me laugh. If those people truly cared about anyone other than themselves, they would take those shoes and items of clothing and donate them to charity so that those items could help those in need. The failure to do this proves to me that the “patriots” are in fact just selfish people who demonstrate by their actions that they don’t care about anyone but themselves.
    It is no wonder that these are the same people who look away from injustice when it isn’t them who are the objects of oppression.

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September 06, 2018 at 07:30AM
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