Dreamer’s World September 6, 2018 – A Very Good Day

Dreamer’s World September 6, 2018 – A Very Good Day

    I’m glad that today is Thursday. It is the last full workday of the week for me because tomorrow there is an off-site Happy Hour for the local employees who work remotely in the afternoon. I will travel to that event via Metro so I won’t have to worry about driving. In effect, I will be leaving here around lunchtime to make it to the g, and that will mark the start of the weekend. This week has been busier than I expected, but nothing that caused too much stress.
    I am looking forward to this evening because Hal has promised to give me a massage after work. I need to take him up on his .offer and enjoy myself for a change. Today will be rather slow at work, at least based on the calendar this morning. There are no endless meetings to attend, just one this afternoon scheduled for an hour. I will have the opportunity to get things wrapped up nicely before quitting time. After a quick bite to eat, Hal can give me his wonderful massage, and we will be set for the evening here at home.
    Friday is also supposed to see a change in the weather around here. The stifling heat will end tomorrow with thunderstorms. The weather won’t affect my trip to and from Happy Hour tomorrow because I will take the train, as I mentioned earlier. Perhaps the storms will clear the air around here and help ease my sinus problems.
    After the massage tonight, I will cook dinner in the Instant Pot. I have the ingredients all set to go. Cooking won’t be too difficult after the massage, and I know that I will feel rested and renewed. Dinner will take less than one hour, and most of that time will be spent watching the Instant Pot work its magic. The menu will be chicken breasts with cream of mushroom soup mix along with onions and green pepper and pasta with cashews mixed in to give it some extra flavor. I am sure that Hal and I will enjoy our dinner and our evening at home together.

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September 06, 2018 at 09:05PM
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