Dreamer’s World September 30, 2018 – No Snap Decisions For Me

Dreamer’s World September 30, 2018 – No Snap Decisions For Me

    I am notorious for making snap decisions, at least that is what my friends say. I suppose that from their perspective this is a true statement, but honestly I almost never make a snap decision. I am methodical about analyzing the issue at hand, determining why I feel the need to make a change, and then starting research about the best way to get to the point I want to be.
    As you can tell, my decision-making process is very deliberate and somewhat time-consuming, but it has always worked for me. Perhaps the reason my friends see me as making snap decisions is because I normally keep all of the decision-making steps very private. I do this for several reasons.
    First, and most important, the decision is mine to make. I seldom ask advice unless I know someone else who has gone through the same thing. With the circle of friends that Hal and I have, this means that almost never happens. Hal and I seem to have a completely different set of priorities from our friends, and I don’t mind that at all. Since the decision is none of their business, they don’t need to know anything until after the fact, if they even notice it then.
    Second, I prefer to be an individual. I like being different in many ways. Conformity is BORING!!! I seldom ask anyone other than Hal about decisions or choices, and that is because I love and respect him and don’t want anything to affect our relationship in a bad way. Once again, the choice to be an individual means that I am not as concerned with what friends will think. After all, I never pontificate about choices that they make. I keep friendships on an even keel as much as possible.
    I am in my 50’s, but I feel like a kid in so many ways. I firmly believe that my choices help with this feeling. Friends who act surprised are most often the type of people who are so set in their own routines that they never stray from them. Sadly, most of them seem so much older than me, although many of them are at least 10 years younger. The friends that are my age or older are even more set in their ways. I respect all of them and their choices. I simply believe that I deserve the same consideration.
    I don’t make snap decisions. I thought about this blog post for 2 days before I started to write, and the time spent contemplating what I wanted to say has produced an even presentation, devoid of knee-jerk reactions that are so often the result of snap decisions.

Enjoy your life, be kind, make your choices, and don’t be afraid of exploring new things.

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September 30, 2018 at 11:23AM
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Dreamer’s World September 28, 2018 – Liberty Dies

Dreamer’s World September 28, 2018 – Liberty Dies

    The protesters are no longer the crazy lunatics. The crazy lunatics are the republiKKKans in the United States Senate. We have reached a turning point in this country. We are watching a slow-motion coup d’etat taking place, and the majority of Americans will choose to do nothing about it. The RWNJ republiKKKans in the US Senate are methodically shoving the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh down the throats of Americans (no pun intended) while the majority of the people have clearly indicated that he is unfit for a position on the Supreme Court.
    Even the American Bar Association has called on the Senate to halt the appointment of Kavanaugh until a more thorough investigation can be completed, but the republiKKKans are ignoring everyone except for their NAZI master in the White House on this issue.
    These actions are a slow-motion coup d’etat designed to impose a RWNJ NAZI Fascist state onto the people of the USA. Decades of pretending that the RWNJ lunatics are just crazy, but harmless has endangered our nation and everything it stands for. We are witnessing the destruction of our country, and yet we stay silent because we are too pre-conditioned to see things only in 15-second soundbites instead of this creeping, malignant evil we now face.
    Invoke a non-existent god. Cloud issues with fake patriotism. Shout louder so no one else can be heard. Attack and shun those who disagree with you. These are just some of the RWNJ NAZI tricks that we have seen over and over again through the last 40 years.
    “So this is how Liberty dies…..to the thunderous applause of those who cannot understand it ” is the appropriate phrase for today.

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September 28, 2018 at 11:11AM
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