Dreamer’s World August 13, 2018 – A Special Day

Dreamer’s World August 13, 2018 – A Special Day

    Today is Hal’s birthday. He turns 65, but he still looks as handsome and sexy as the day I first met him nearly 19 years ago. I have written about him and our relationship so many times in this blog, but I rarely cover the deep emotional bonds that tie us together.  I wonder if I can accurately describe how I feel about him because words never seem to be enough.
    I met Hal nearly 19 years ago. It was accidental, a case of mistaken identity on a blind date. I mistakenly thought that he was someone else because we had never met before. I wonder at how my life would have changed if I had decided to walk away at that time. I am sure that I would never have found the happiness that I have now. I am also sure that whatever happened on that date would not have lasted for nearly 19 years with anyone else.
    Hal and I bonded very quickly. We were both looking for something long-term and stable. We each had our series of past relationships that had failed for one reason or another. There seemed to be serendipity at work when we met. As enjoyable as any first date can be, there is always the overwhelming chance that it will never lead to anything special. Thankfully, in this case, it did.
    We decided early on that we were going to dedicate our lives to each other and see where that took us. We are still on that journey together after all of these years. Hal is the most critical person in the world to me. I am sure that I would be so much worse off if we hadn’t met. I have to wonder if I would still be around at all if I hadn’t met Hal when I did.
    Today Hal turns 65. Since he is ten years older than I am, I always marvel at how great he still looks. I can only hope that I will look that good when I reach 65. He retired from his regular job years ago, and now he works part-time to stay busy. I don’t think that he will stop that anytime soon because he enjoys his work now. He will go to work this evening. I will take him and pick him up afterward. I gave Hal his gifts last night because I have to work through the day here. I am taking him to a free acupuncture session tomorrow after I finish my day at work, and then we are going to dinner for a belated celebration.
    I am the luckiest man in the world. I am celebrating the birthday of the most remarkable man in the world.

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August 13, 2018 at 09:23AM
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