Dreamer’s World August 9, 2018 – A Calming Effect

Dreamer’s World August 9, 2018 – A Calming Effect

    After my first post of the day, I find myself feeling better than expected. The subject matter of suicide and how it affected people could have easily ruined my day, and yet I feel a sense of peace after writing about it. I believe that writing is a great way to get rid of emotions and feelings that can become toxic if left to fester without attention, and the experiences this morning seems to justify that belief.     I know that there will always be a next lousy experience to write about, it is often said that tragedy inspires creativity. If that is true, it is a sad way to think about the world, but my writing will help me to cope with it.
    I was thinking about the underlying cause that makes us feel so strongly about things, and I realize that one of the most common factors is that all things that upset us involve a change of some degree. The loss of a friend is a change that we must adjust to, or we will lose ourselves in despair. The disruption to our routine is usually unsettling. I believe that the key to moving forward is to explore the possibilities that open up to us when change happens.
    Time is a one-way street for us. No matter how much we want time to stop when we are in a happy place, it will keep right on moving without ever having considered our feelings. The saddest people are those who stop moving forward and get crushed beneath the wheel of time. Those people end up unhappy and isolated from the rest of us. There is only a short time for us to help them before we must face the choice to move on ourselves or remain trapped with them. This decision is one of the most challenging decisions that we must make. I learned years ago that there is no choice at all. I must move forward. I will try to help, but I know my limitations.
    I look forward to new challenges and experiences. That is the mindset that keeps me happy. It is the reason I try to learn new things each day and to write about them as often as I can. I set goals that I will work to reach, and that effort occupies my mind and deflects the unhappiness that could so easily overwhelm me. Whether it is my music, my relationship with Hal, or making plans for the future that both Hal and I want, the choice to look forward is the key to happiness and sanity.

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August 10, 2018 at 07:18AM
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