Dreamer’s World July 11, 2018 – Another Day

Dreamer’s World July 11, 2018 – Another Day

I started work this morning. I didn’t go to the client’s office this morning since I am still a little under the weather from tonsillitis. I made the right decision by not traveling since I am feeling rather run-down this morning.
    I did notice a great image and took a picture of it this morning. I was sitting at my desk and noticed how the sunlight made such a beautiful scene.
    I love how the colors don’t overpower the sense of morning in the picture. The sunlight is streaming in and cast some wonderful shadows on my desk before I had to close the blinds to alleviate the glare. The little bits of blue and yellow really stand out as a result of the light since everything else is rather neutral. If I had left to go to the client’s office, I would have missed this beautiful picture, so it is another reason I am glad I decided to stay home.
    My main goal at work is to get caught up in the avalanche of emails and voicemails that were left in direct disregard for my out-of-office notifications. Most of the problems will have resolved themselves while I was away. I am pacing myself because I don’t want to exhaust all of my energy right away. I will be off work this afternoon at the normal time and will try to find the energy to prepare a roast for dinner. Thankfully, the Instant Pot will make it much easier and quicker than it would have been in the past. It will come down to following some simple directions to get things prepared.
    I will check with Hal and see if he needs to go out for anything after I am done with work. If so, I want to get out and back home as early as possible. The weather is gorgeous, I won’t mind getting outside, but I will take things easy if we do go out.
    As lunchtime arrives, I am feeling completely rundown. I am glad that I work from home so this isn’t obvious to everyone, but I really want to take a nap. Perhaps that can be done right after work.

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July 12, 2018 at 07:34AM
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