Dreamer’s World June 22, 2018 – A Warning From History

    A wise man once said that those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them, and he was right. Our country is experiencing this lesson right now.
    We have a Nazi in the White House. He didn’t get there via a coup d’etat. He got there through an allegedly fair election, although that remains very much in doubt. I say this because Hitler was also elected.
    We have a Nazi in the White House. He is busy implementing the platform of the Nazi party in the US as I write this.
    It isn’t simply the Nazi in the White House, it is the Nazis in positions of authority (republiKKKans), and those who support them that are complicit in this tragedy.
Taken from, and edited to reflect the Nazi in the White House:
    Point 1: Only those who are patriotic enough to support this Nazi in the White House are real Americans.
    Point 2: Scrapping any and all treaties that the Nazi in the White House disagrees with, even though the US has always attempted to honor its treaty obligations.
    Point 3: The elimination of public lands that have been preserved for the benefit and enjoyment of all Americans for generations. Also, the destruction of policies and organizations designed to protect the environment.
    Point 4: A new requirement for “citizenship” based on political loyalty to the Nazi in the White House. This is especially true along racial and ethnic lines. All others, non-whites, and women, LGBTQ, are of no concern and can be treated unfairly without fear of repercussion from the government.
    Point 5: Identification of all “foreigners” based on the warped qualities listed above. This is to allow for persecution by identifying them as a separate but unequal class.
    Point 6: Voter suppression to allow the Nazis in the White House to maintain power using the veil of fake legitimacy.
    Point 7: The nation will provide for those who agree with it, others are subject to expulsion.
    Point 8: No further immigration. Foreigners must be expelled immediately.
    Point 9: A restructuring of the educational system to emphasize loyalty to the Nazis in the White House over all else.
    Point 10: A policy that English is the only language that can be used in the US.
    To read these points in the original document, it took literally no effort to update them to reflect what the US is facing today with a Nazi in the White House.
    My father fought against the Nazis for this country in WWII. I am glad that he isn’t alive to see that the Nazis are finally on the verge of victory here because the sheep cannot see that the abattoir is the ultimate destination. This country has willingly surrendered to the Nazis, and it makes me sick.

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