Dreamer’s World June 01, 2018 – Happiness Is Getting Caught Up In Something Fun

    Friday is here at last. After work yesterday, I found a used Yamaha keyboard on Craigslist and made arrangements to purchase it. Since I was waiting for my guitar to come back from the shop yesterday, I wasn’t able to go to get the keyboard and had to make the plan to get it this afternoon once work is over with for the week. It turned out to be for the best because we had some ferocious thunderstorms that rolled through the area yesterday at the time I would have been traveling to get the keyboard anyway. I would not have enjoyed being stuck in DMV traffic at rush hour with blinding rain and lightning.
    The guitar was delivered after the storm had passed, and it works just fine. Hal and I made a short trip out to get cash for today and then we had a quick dinner. The rest of the evening was spent here at home without incident.
    Once I finish with work this afternoon, weather permitting, I will call the keyboard seller and make final arrangements to meet them and pick up the keyboard.
    This is a picture and video of the keyboard that I am getting later today. It is a Yamaha YPG-235. The only drawback is that it is only a 76-key keyboard as opposed to a full 88-key keyboard, but for $200 I am getting the lightly used instrument, a stand and pedal so this is a great deal. I will save several hundred dollars by making this purchase. I can always upgrade at a later time if I choose to.
    Hal and I will be making the trip of about 25 miles to get the keyboard, and then we will probably stop and have dinner somewhere on the way home. A Friday dinner out is something of a routine for us since Hal has to work tomorrow and Sunday. I will have time over the weekend to get familiar with the keyboard as well as practice my guitar playing.
    I am looking forward to this weekend more than most weekends, if only because I will have the chance to surround myself with music and the chance to learn even more for the first time in many years. I know that one of the things I will do is try to locate some songs online that I can learn on the keyboard as well as continue my work on guitar songs I want to play.
    I plan to make music a much more central part of my life, I wasn’t sure that was even possible until recently when I stopped my heave social media usage. I found that I have more time to be myself and not be responding all the time to other people, and it is a liberating feeling.