Dreamer’s World May 31, 2018 – Pushing Through

    The last thing we need is more rain. Guess what is forecast for today and for the next few days? Yep, more rain. This is a constant theme for the weather this spring, long stretches of rainy days broken up by a few beautiful sunny days, and then back to the gloom and rain once again.
    Hal and I went to see the new Star Wars movie last night, and we both enjoyed it very much. Right now, we haven’t made any concrete plans for the next movie we would like to see, but there is no rush about it. The only thing that we didn’t do was have dinner out last night, and that was because of timing since I had to be here this morning ready to conduct my weekly meeting at work, and I always have last-minute changes to the presentation and agenda on Thursday morning before sending out the invitations. I want a clear head for Thursday so things will go smoothly.
    I am eagerly awaiting my next chance to practice guitar after work. One of my guitars has been at the shop for some maintenance and tuning work, and it should be ready sometime today. If it is ready on time, that will be the one I will practice on. I alternate between electric and acoustic guitar, and I want to work on this electric guitar if it is available.
    Once today at work is complete, the week will be nearly over with. After my meeting, I have some research to perform, and that will occupy most of my time tomorrow as well. Regardless of the weather, I am ready for the weekend to get here. Other than taking Hal to and from work, there are no plans right now for the weekend. I expect it will remain that way since there is nothing pressing that needs immediate attention.
    I think that tonight will be a good night to get to bed early. I could use the extra sleep, and I want to be ready for tomorrow and the weekend. That is the plan so far, but things can change, and they usually do.

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