Dreamer’s World May 31, 2018 – Never Enough Music In My Life

    I have written a lot about learning to play the guitar. It has given me focus on everything in my life and also provided me with tons of enjoyment. The entire process has also made me think more about other aspects of music that I want to either learn or get back into. The most important of these is piano. I played piano for years when I was younger, and now I find myself seriously thinking about purchasing a good keyboard to start playing once again.
    Thankfully, keyboards are much smaller than actual pianos. They do provide more features than a piano would, and they are less expensive. I am subconsciously making certain to save up some money to buy a keyboard in the next few months. I think that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. More music will keep me at home, and that will mean less money being spent when I go out.
    I have been researching keyboards, and there are several for around $500 that interest me. I can pick them up at the local Guitar Center store when I decide to make the purchase. I consider music as an investment because it certainly keeps me active and enthusiastic about things. I have often thought about taking up piano once again, but there was always some reason why I put it off.
    I also began checking Craigslist to find any keyboards for sale, and there are several bargains listed. Of course, bargain is a tricky word to use when shopping on CL, I might contact one of the sellers and try to get a feel if they are legitimate or not.
    A series of phone messages has convinced me that I can deal with one of the Craigslist people. Hal and I will go tomorrow after work to pick up the keyboard and will save over $300 with the deal. I would prefer to have made the deal today, but since I am waiting for a guitar to be ready at the shop, it is best to wait until after work Friday. At least it means that the weekend will be off to a good start for me.
    There can never be too much music in my life!

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