Dreamer’s World may 24, 2018 – Getting Ahead Of The Game

    Friday Eve is here at last. With a 3-day weekend coming up, I am hoping that this will be the last busy day of the week. I am sure that people will be leaving early tomorrow to get a head-start on their holiday plans, and that is fine with me. Sadly, I will be here at work until normal time tomorrow since people on the West Coast are 3 hours behind us.
    I am not actively searching for some grand topic to write about today. I am making sure that I enjoy the time that I have before the avalanche of meetings starts later today. I look at Hal The Cat sleeping next to me, and I take comfort in his presence. Although he has been acting up recently and getting into scuffles with Stevie Nicks, he is still a good cat. We separate them when they start acting up, and that always defuses the situation for a while.
    The afternoon meeting cycle was brutal, even though I had no real inputs I was still required to attend. Using one of the advantages of working from home, I fired up the Instant Pot and made dinner for this evening as I listened in on the meeting. I won’t need to set aside time later to make dinner, and that is a big relief for me. Dinner will be ready to put away in storage before work is over with. Hal and I can take advantage of the time right after work to get out and do something on a beautiful day.