Dreamer’s World May 23, 2018 – Making My Own Path

     As I practiced guitar during the thunderstorm last night, I found that I was having difficulty trying to play a song that I really like. I began researching the chord structure of the song and found that some of the progressions and tabs made no sense to me. They were incredibly difficult to remember and master, and this caused a great deal of frustration.

     I decided to stop before I lost concentration, but I did some research and found that there are alternate patterns that I can use for the song. It was late after I completed my research, but I am going to try these new chord patterns out tonight during practice.

     The whole series of events got me thinking about why we don’t try new things in our own lives? We don’t have to alter our ultimate goal, but we can find our own way of getting there if we put our minds to it. Retracing the steps of others can be educational, but it is not the sole means of learning. Tha ability to think for ourselves makes the different path more appealing and exciting.

     How often do we hear on our jobs that we should “think outside the box” to create new and better processes? The guitar scenario is exactly the same thing. It is the opportunity for me to learn a different way of doing something that makes it more enjoyable and enticing for me.

     I will go my own way this evening, and I predict that I will have a great time and make some noticeable progress in my quest to be a better guitar player. The real challenge will be to take that lesson and apply it to the rest of my life.

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