Dreamer’s World May 20, 2018 – A Perfect Moment

    For the first time, I decided to take my laptop outside to the balcony to write this afternoon. It is such a nice day after all of the freary, rainy weather we have had and I wanted to enjoy it aws much as possible.
    I have always enjoyed writing outside. It makes me feel closer to Nature and heightens my senses at the same time. Even though it is on the very warm side, I take solace in the fact that it is finally warm once again. Thankfully, we have a balcony that gets some of the morning sun, but avoids the really how afternoon sun. This makes the balcony a pleasant place to sit.
    Stevie Nicks has joined me on the balcony as I am writing this.
    She is a charmer, and she is enjoying the warm weather as well, without her brothers bothering her.
    Hal (person) is at work now. He has a company training session after work and won’t be ready for me to pick him up until around 1900 or so this evening. It gives me more time here with my own thoughts, as well as Stevie Nicks.
    I already did my guitar practice for the day. I try to get in 20-30 minutes each day, but sometimes that is easier than others. I am making slow progress, but I know that it is happening. The callouses are slowly forming on the finers of my tight hand, and this is a sign that I am putting in the practice time, and probably pushing down too hard on the strings as well.
    I might run a few errands before I have to pick Hal up from work later, that remains to be seen. A part of me just wants this moment never to end, but then I wouldn’t appreciate it later.

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